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    Joyce Hoffman

    I had my stroke 11 years ago. Someone comes in and prepares my food every week, but I wonder if I could prepare my food like dicing, chopping, and pureeing it myself? Send pictures or adequately describe the items please.

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    • Joyce Hoffman

      Kelly, those are great things for me. Thanks!

    • Joyce Hoffman

      I love that! Thanks!

    • one more.A non-electric one handed can opener: https://www.amazon.com/Chefn-EzSqueeze-One-Handed-Opener-Meringue/dp/B002XUUSFC

    • Hi, my stroke was 11 years ago too and I’ve been living on my own for the last nine. Things I can’t do without in the kitchen:SCISSORS- several good pairs. Not only for opening bags but for chopping food like spaghetti, salad, etc. Most important thing I use.A jar holder-https://images.dlf.org.uk/mee/products/full/0002124-0108837-44315.jpg
       A cutting board with nails to hold veggies and fruits so you can cut and corner walls to keep bread from sliding as you put spreads on it: https://www.rehab-store.com/p-waterproof-cutting-board.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjww_f2BRC-ARIsAP3zarEatJ4iOHrtK72Oe8M8tsEP6VdV97K2fVx_Jw9-MS9es0UTzup9H4MaAuMgEALw_wcB

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