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    Joyce Hoffman

    I had a fall one month ago, and since then, I am too weak to do any exercises. Am I really done improving or is there any hope for me when I feel stronger?

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    • Phanuel Mabbola

      I think it is important to check around and Identify what the course, the deal with it.

    • Anonymous

      I have fallen several times since my stroke years ago.  After falling outside I have gone to the ER for tests.  If there are no breaks I either slowly restart my exercises that were not painful or ask my doctor for a prescription for out-patient therapy.  Insurance companies are motivated when a doctor writes a script to increase safety.

    • Kele Motshwane

      I say that as long as you are still alive keep on pushing and when you do feel tired listen to your body and rest and then do your exercises again when you feel better

    • There is ALWAYS hope! Just remember any step forward, no matter how small, is still a step forward. After I broke mt pelvis in November, I was in the hospital for three months. The weakness and feeling like you’ve hit the ceiling is normal but not immovable! One day at a time. Don’t focus on the negative but the fact that you’re still here for a reason. :)Kelly

    • Strokefocus Admin
      Joyce is a trooper! I am so sorry to hear your fall. Are you doing okay? You always improve. But more importantly, your presence and perseverance has inspired so many.
    • Phanuel Mabbola

      Dear Joyce I greet, am a stroke advocate and a life style consultant I have worked with stroke survivors for some time now, for not than ten years am involved with stroke aid recovery and rehabilitation.The what you are experiencing is very common with most of stroke survivors and I am encouraging you to consider first things in stroke recovery is accepting your condition, understand your condition First if possible find a medical person who can explain some things to you with understanding of stroke then start learning things take your time don’t panic just take it easy. Avoid stressing yourself do what you can with the help of someone on your side. Not knowing the set up of things in your Area and where you are. Be courageous don’t loose hope you will be there some day.

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